Meet Elizabeth & Donatella

Elizabeth and Donatella

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Lozano and I’m so happy to have you here! I can’t wait to start working with you as a virtual assistant

In the picture, you’ll see me with my dog, Donatella. Believe it or not, I work hard so my dog can live better. 

She’s in this story because I discovered I love doing all the work I do as a virtual assistant when I developed a local blog/podcast for dog lovers. It was quite a journey! We got local recognition and awards, and now it keeps growing everyday

In my way, I learned people needs help to grow their online business making use of the tools and techniques I used with my own digital presence, and I found out I have a passion for helping people

So, here I am, ready help you grow your online businesses by handling all those digital marketing tasks you might not have the time or expertise to do yourself.

My portfolio include to assess your digital presence, create and design new content or take those behind the scenes work to make your brand and customer experience as unique as your brand voice

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

A few things we’re great at


Whether you’re building your first start up website or you’re an experienced digital marketer, our team will support your business taking care of your website or creating one for your business.


Blog and podcast are a great content marketing strategy asset to elevate your on line presence

Let an audio, video and SEO specialist handle it for you.


Does an automated email sequence or funnel make you feel overwhelmed?

No more if you have someone to trust to set it up for you.


Is the constant change in social media algorithm driving you nuts? Our qualified team will handle branding, strategy and scheduling for you.


A satisfied customer is a walking advertisement. Enhance your customers experience with the human touch of a caring and professional representative. 


Online research for quotes, decision making or content creation is time consuming. We can help you curating information to save you a lot of your valuable time.


Expand your brand segmentation, don’t let the language barrier stop your business.

Translate documents, customer interactions, books and more to Spanish, Portuguese, or English

Hiring us is easy

1. Set up a free consultation

2. Our consultant will assess your needs and provide you a custom solution

3. Process your payment and start working with your virtual assistant

Hiring us is easy and convenient

Set up a free consultation and find the right solution for your business.