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Social media is a proven way to attract new customers to your business. As people get addicted to the short and entertaining videos from Instagram Reels and Tik Tok, brands seem to still need to figure out how to make the audience stop scrolling their feed and pay attention to their content. How do you do that?

Let me share some secrets with you.

First, we need to remember why are people spending time on social media? What are they looking for?

People go to social media for three main reasons: connection, entertainment, and information. If you’re aiming for someone to stop and watch your video, this has to include all those three, and I’ll get deeper into it on the next articles here in the blog.

By now, we’re taking a look and learning from videos that actually make people stop scrolling, get attention and grow their accounts by delivering value in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way.

1. Video Title

Think about this: what is your audience looking for? What do they want to listen to? Do they have a question to answer?

This one may be a little confusing. I mean, you have a creator or a business account because you have a message to deliver. One morning you can wake up and say “Hey, I have this message to deliver” and actually record yourself and deliver the message. Boom! you posted. and you may have one or two likes and it won’t move forward.

But what if you are aware of what people are looking for? You would know what questions to answer, what people want to listen to.

Let’s take a look at the video below. Julian is answering a question his audience actually asked. Also, he made it part of the title, using a simple cover that shows the question.

If you’re recently starting your business, you might not have questions from your audience yet, or you probably don’t know where to start. You can use tools like Answer The Public to know what people are looking for in your niche or Neon Tools to assess the hashtags related to your business.

Let’s take a look at Pencil Yourself In, a nutritionist account that promises happy hormones so you never diet again. Her audience includes people trying to heal themselves through diet and hormone control, so it’s easy to guess she’s targeting people with hormone imbalance. She made it a title for her video. Simple, clean, clever.

2. Instagram Reels are not Tik Tok

I know, their format is so similar. Some creators repurpose videos across platforms, but does it really work for business? Unless you’re an artisan and you would like to feature your product manufacturing process, you might like to consider whether it is a fit or not.

Tik Tok videos don’t have much text space for you to have a call to action and just a few hashtags, therefore videos have to be self-explanatory, like mini vlogs. Also, the Instagram algorithm uses artificial intelligence to find the Tik Tok watermark and metadata. As a result, the video on Instagram may have a lower impact if you keep the Tik Tok watermark.

On the other hand, Instagram Reels work like teasers or movie trailers. Your video can be fun, short, and you can invite people to read the description. The Instagram algorithm not only cares about how long you spend on a video but also cares about how users interact with the platform saving, commenting, or reaching new profiles.

See the video below and see how IG Creator Academy won’t tell you all the details but will tease you to read the description for a tutorial.

If a melody is familiar, the viewers are most likely to stay. Like the previous video, you can talk and have the music in the background, mute the original sound and enjoy the lip-synch, or fill it out with photos, like the end of the year 2021 trend in the following video:

Also, using trending audio gets you the chance to be featured on the audio page. That means you have more chances to be discovered organically.

Instagram Audio

Also, you can add transitions related to your niche to make the video more interesting. You can be silent using only the music as background or even forget about dancing if you’re using transitions for your video.

That’s quite a way to make your audience stop scrolling on Instagram Reels. Just a few seconds with trending music, a clever transition and you get thousands of views.

4. Structure your video.

I bet you liked more than one of the videos above… or at least, they caught your eye. How do they make their audience stop scrolling with Instagram Reels? Because all the videos mentioned above include a structure that you can add to your own videos.

  • HOOK: Start with a hook phrase to get the attention within the first three seconds of the video: How to get X in Y time
  • EMPATHY: Throw a question like “how have you felt about (mention the problems you solve)?” or “Have you ever…?”
  • EXPERTISE: Introduce yourself as an expert in the matter to get credibility and more attention: “My name is Jane and I’m your business coach”
  • CORE: Explain your video content in a simple and quick way. Even when Reels can last longer, aim to 15 or 30 seconds long.
  • FINISH WITH A CALL TO ACTION OR CTA: What do you want people to do when they finish watching your video? Maybe you want them to sign up for your course using the link in bio, follow you for more, or comment with a question.

5. Use support tools

Do you think it is too much work? Or maybe you’d like to know where to start. Here are some tools you can use.

  • You can edit most of the videos directly from Instagram Reels, but you can also use CapCut to get a professional look when you edit the video from your cell phone.
  • Free Teleprompter to use in your computer or tablet and remember your lines
  • An unexpensive led light ring with stand for selfies from Amazon
  • Do you need free stock videos to fill up some spaces in Reels. You can get free resources at Pexels

BONUS: Have Fun

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is an old proverb that says: “Don’t chase the butterfly, mend your garden and let the butterfly come”.

This means that you don’t need to stress over the way you’re attracting your audience, but focus on adding value to them and enjoy the process.

Have fun, let people see how much you enjoy doing what makes you unique. Smile, celebrate wins, vibrate higher with every video, and spread the joy. They will come to you for your high and positive energies.

Questions or doubts? Needing help with your Instagram Reels video strategy? Drop me a message, I’ll be happy to assist you.

Elizabeth Lozano de Marquez

Elizabeth is a digital marketing virtual assistant with experience in social media, content marketing, and podcasting. Get to know her here


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