Hiring a Virtual Assistant is easy, but if you have never worked with one, you might have some questions. Here you can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about how to work with me.

Where are you located?

I’m location independent, however, most of the time I’m in El Salvador. One of the perks of hiring a virtual assistant is that your team location does not interfere with your goals!

Is there a time difference? How does your schedule work?

No matter where I am, I do my best to keep US business hours, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday to Friday. I observe the US Holidays so I can line up with most of my clients. During the past years, it has worked perfectly. If you’re located in a different country, we can work out a schedule to suit your needs.

If I hire you as my virtual assistant, how do I communicate with you?

Typically I set up space for us in Trello and send you an invite link. Or we can work in the traditional way, via email. I still prefer Trello because the progress is easier to track and you will have a visual of your virtual assistant efforts.

I also like to keep an instant message application like Skype or WhatsApp for urgent or quick communications. I’m available for Zoom or Google Meet calls too, but those are quite rare and count as billable time.

How do I deliver tasks?

I like receiving tasks and instructions in a Trello card as early in the week as possible (usually on Mondays) so I can plan my schedule for the week accordingly.

OMG! This is an emergency/quite urgent! I need (X task) done yesterday!

If you have important tasks, I appreciate having them highlighted early in the week. As we’re closer to Friday, all my time may be scheduled with other clients, and your tasks may not be able to be completed.

Honestly, I do my best to get things done if everything is in order. A task in Trello helps to keep everything on track and on time.

We can verify availability if it is an emergency and you need me to work overtime. Extra hours are charged at a different rate than your monthly package.

Do you track time?

Most of the work I realize is merely creative, so I prefer to deliver goals and results. If you wish me to track time, you can provide an account for the application you’d like me to use.

I need help with a task that involves a lot of steps, how do I describe this in my instruction?

I’d normally advise clients to create a screen recording video using Loom to explain long tasks. As a bonus, if you stop working with me for any reason, you have the explanation videos already made for your next VA.

We can also have a video call for that purpose during your billable time. Having a video recorded to Loom may save you time.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Absolutely! You can check out my portfolio here or get to know me and my work here

Can I fire you?

If you think we’re not a good fit for each other, then, of course, I will not force you to work with me! I politely request that clients give me a period of notice.

Firing works both ways. If I don’t feel like it’s working out, I can also make the decision to stop us from working together.

How do I pay and how much is your rate?

I require a minimum commitment of 20 hours a month (5 hours per week) of work to keep you as a client. This is invoiced even if you don’t use my time.

Like my time, the time I assign to you does not accumulate or rollover. Payment is also generally required upfront.

You can find my standard rates in my portfolio here, however, if it does not fit your personal needs, we can set up a custom-made plan by scheduling a free consultation call

I accept international payments (USD, EUR & GBP) via Payoneer, Wise, or a direct charge to your credit or debit card in USD.

I’d like to hire you, what should I do next?

The process to hire me as a virtual assistant from Donatella.Work is quite easy!

  1. Set up a call with the Donatella.work team. This is for a FREE consultation where we will review your main tasks, the time you need and any other specifications you want to share.
  2. Process your payment for the plan of your choice. Here’s where you chose the type of service as you’re officially hiring a virtual assistant.
  3. Start working together… taking your business to a new level

I’d love to help you with


Whether you’re building your first start up website or you’re an experienced digital marketer, our team will support your business taking care of your website or creating one for your business.


Blog and podcast are a great content marketing strategy asset to elevate your on line presence

Let an audio, video and SEO specialist handle it for you.


Does an automated email sequence or funnel make you feel overwhelmed?

No more if you have someone you trust to set it up for you.


Is the constant change in social media algorithm driving you nuts? Our qualified team will handle branding, strategy and scheduling for you.


A satisfied customer is a walking advertisement. Enhance your customers experience with the human touch of a caring and professional representative. 


Online research for quotes, decision making or content creation is time consuming. We can help you curating information to save you a lot of your valuable time.


Expand your brand segmentation, don’t let the language barrier stop your business.

Translate documents, customer interactions, books and more to Spanish, Portuguese, or English

We deliver value for
your time

Get a custom-made action plan to enhance your business… FOR FREE!

Whether you decide to start working with us immediately or not, your action plan is yours to take.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you all these benefits

saving money

Unlike regular employees, Virtual Assistants are independent contractors.

You simply hire us to perform a specific job, pay for hired time, and that’s it.

Think of all the money you’ll save that can be better used elsewhere!


Short projects? Hire a virtual assistant for only the time you need.

No contracts required.

There is no task too small to handle.

We got your back!

business growth

Free your agenda and focus on developing new ideas, scaling, and increasing your revenue.

Have peace of mind, you count on timely and reliable assistance  on those tasks you don’t have time to handle yourself.

specialized support

Do you need customer care, image design or digital marketing?

Our team will help you find the right fit to your brand voice, ideal customer and target audience.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

1. Book a free consultation.

2. Get a custom-made action plan to enhance your business for. Whether you decide to start working with us immediately or not, your action plan is yours to take.

3. Process your payment and start working with your virtual assistant.